Tito Ortiz (19-12-1) has confirmed that he would not be returning to fighting amid speculations that he would come out of retirement again. Ortiz claimed he was “comfortably retired now,” shutting down links to rivals for a comeback fight.

“As a fighter, it’s time to say it’s over after 20 years of competition. I’m 42 years old. I’ve been through eight surgeries, and I still have my head on my shoulders, which I’m very, very lucky,” he explains.

BJ Penn Supports His Trainers

BJ Penn states that the loss that he faced with Yair Rodriguez does not have to be put onto his coaches.

This statement comes from him after he faced a loss from Yair Rodriguez which was in January. Indeed, BJ Penn is known to be one of the greatest fighters in mixed martial arts and in the lightweight category. The fight had taken place as part of UFC Fight Night 103 in January. This fight took place after Penn had stayed away from actively fights for about three years. Indeed, when he went for the bout many stated that he was an underdog in the match and his odds were overwhelmingly little. This proved to be true in the course of the match at Penn was pinned down by Rodriguez who is an upcoming young fighter. He dominated the Hall of Famer from the beginning of the match and the game was over in the second round.


Legendary former UFC lightweight and ex-UFC welterweight titleholder BJ “The Prodigy” Penn is scheduled to make his comeback fight against rising prospect Yair Rodriguez at UFC Fight Night Phoenix on Jan. 15, 2015.

Penn has not fought since retiring in 2014, and he has not won a fight since 2010.

At first, many had felt as though Penn should have been scheduled against a fighter in the same situation as him as opposed to a 24-year-old rising contender, however, “The Prodigy” does not seem like the fight is ‘difficult at all.’

“So, what you’re saying is when I make this appear easy on Jan. 15, I’m the f—— man, is this what you’re telling me ?” said Penn, on ESPN’s 5ive Rounds podcast. “It’s not a tough match at all. He’s a great guy, but I feel like I’m training with highly rated guys. I have a good team around me, and I don’t really feel anything is anywhere near out of my league.”